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Barb Rumson was born in Montreal, Quebec where she studied piano, violin and dance.  She graduated from St. Patrick's High School with exceptional honours.  Thus began her odyssey through education.  She has been a teacher, a librarian and then, drawing upon her experience, transformed into a writer.  But along the way she also studied Chemistry and Interior Design.

Barb Rumson has taught in three Canadian provinces:  British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta.  In Alberta, she participated in writing curriculum for the Calgary Board of Education.

Always willing to offer her expertise to others she has volunteered for many organizations:  at libraries, museums, as a representative for the Alberta's Teacher's Association, and as a research assistant.  She also was involved as the producer of three television documentaries.

As a writer, she specializes in children's books and books for educators.  Along with many short stories, teaching aides, curriculum suggestions, and hand-books of school and after-school activities, her novel Silent Shriek was published in 2002.  She wrote Developing Optimism with Dr. Wanda Boyer which was published in 2000.

Sample short stories by Barb Rumson

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