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Silent Shriek - B Rumson

Silent Shriek

The Silent Shriek of children echo all around us.  It is fears, anxieties, and hate that adds sparks to these shrieks.  This is the story of one such spark and one such shriek for help.  This is Mona's story and how she journeyed through her fiery hell twice.  She shares every detail of every fear as she spins in a downward spiral towards an unknown fate.

©  Barb Rumson
Silent Shriek
Publish America, (Baltimore) 2002

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"I'll get you bums! I'll get you both.  I won't forget!"  My voice broke with sobs as I yelled at my mom and dad.  They were sitting in the court room. Dad smiled his stupid smile. He was glad to get rid of me.  I knew it.  He told me so.

"Just come along. Make it easy on yourself. This is what you wanted.  You told the judge you wanted to get away from your mom and dad.  Stop squirming.  Let's go.  This placement at Dover House will be the best for you.”

I looked up at her with my face screwed up.  Mrs. Graham was her name.  She was my chosen case worker.  I was a case.  What a laugh!  She was going to take me to Dover House.  That’s where I was ordered to go.

I slowed down.  I couldn't stop shaking.  I leaned over to catch my breath.

"That stupid judge doesn't know what I need.  You don’t know what I need either."  I yelled.  I pulled away from Mrs. Graham but her long false red coloured nails dug into my arm.  She was stronger than I thought.

It was no use.  No use at all.

No one cared.  I was on my own again.

I had lived in a small town all my life.  I have no brothers or sisters.  Thank God for that! My mom is a waitress and my dad is always looking for a job.  He says he can't find a job.  He used to farm but he said farming was too hard on his back.  Sure.  Sure.

Dad and mom hung around the café and talked. They loved their friends.  When they would come home, they were always tired and cranky.  Screaming, that was their way of talking and settling things.  Whoever screamed loudest won.

Mom always told me to keep our problems to ourselves.  If I ever told anyone, she would beat me.  So, I never told on them.

Why were they doing this to me?  I never ratted on them.

Silent Shriek

by Barb Rumson
© 2002


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