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Barb Rumson Works List



The Barber and the Hair Clippings (6,000 word novella)

The Brave Cave Boy and His Fight to Live (36,000 word novel)

Children’s Crusade (novel with supplementary material for lesson plans)

[Cleopatra and Qin meetings] (novella in 15,000 words — only a 6,000 word document has been located so far.  See below)

Cleopatra Conspiracy [Cleopatra’s Secret Life.  Alternate title: Did you Know Cleopatra’s Secret?] (47,000 word novel)

The Frontier Kid (15,000 word children’s novella)

Ghosts in Grandma’s Trunk (23,000 word novel)

A King and His Fool (19,000 word historical novel for the young)

The Pied Piper of the Children’s Crusade  (ca. 14,000 words)



Aldo Uses Merlin’s Magic (1,800 words)

Forest Orchestra (The Sounds Creatures Make) (100 words)

Christmas Cowboy (2,600 words)

Christmas Star (1,500 words)

The Moon Magic and the Children’s Crusade (2,300 words)

The No Boy Becomes a Go Boy (425 words)

Squirrels Have Good Days and Bad Days (2,000 words)

Special Karate Boy (short story for the young with information on marital arts)

The Surprising and Heartbreaking Changes in my Life by Teresa Virag (a 1,300 word short story on the author’s family history)

The Trolls are Back (short story for 7 to 10 year olds.  7,500 words)

The Wild Area (1,700 word short story for children and teens)

Who’s to Know (1,000 word short story for teens)



Autobiography (1,800 words)

The Children I have Known (Reflective essay of a retired teacher.  400 words)

Miss Brennan (Recollections of the author’s music lessons in Montreal mid 20th century)

Old Age is Like Being in a Gentle Wind Storm and Feeling Out of Control (Essay in the form of words of advice for the elderly)

Remembrance Day without the poem In Flander’s Fields? (A short essay on the author of the poem)



A Loser is Always Part of the Problem (Encouraging poem for middle teens and even older)

You Too Can Own a Dream (poem for the young)



202 Ways to Spark Optimism (12,000 words)

499 Classroom Ideas (with Dr. Wanda Boyer)

After School Care Program K-2 (66,000 words)

After School Care Program Grades 3-6 (76,000 words)

Always Look on the Bright Side (uses of humour in teaching) (2,500 words)

Attitude Questions (1,000 word sketch for activity to promote good attitude)

Beaufort Scale (biographical information, description of and lesson plans around Francis Beaufort and the Beaufort Wind Scale)

Biblical Proverbs (Selected and with lesson plans)

Child Power (Sketch for lesson plans)

Clues from within: Are the Beatitudes Messages of Hope and Success? (Study of and lesson plans for this Biblical passage)

Crafting Virtues (1,600 word sampler)

Emotional Intelligence Regulation (Lesson plans for grades K to 1.  With Dr. Wanda Boyer)

Fables (Select stories with lesson plan material)

Jump Start Self Regulation (Lesson plans for Grades 4-6.  With Dr. Wanda Boyer)

Library Math (Lesson plans for elementary, junior high age children)

Magnetic Virtues (Lesson plans for teaching)

Self-Regulating (Lesson plans for emotional self-awareness)

Summer Mission: Improving Your Kid’s “Smarts” (1,500 words suggestive essay with ideas for activities)


This list here includes less than one third of Barb Rumson’s works.  This is a preliminary list based on computer documents available at the moment and is thus a work in process.  Information about which materials have been published is not available at this time.  Some documents examined so far are incomplete, but it can be assumed that other files and materials will provide the completion for most.  Eventually a detailed listing will include all relevant information including plot synopsis, date of writing and publisher information.  At present it is not possible to provide dates of composition.  All word counts are approximate.



Sample short stories by Barb Rumson

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